Our Services...

  • Invoice Factoring

    FactoringInc.com can help you turn your invoices into immediate cash to expand your business, pay debts, expand your workforce, increase inventory, and many other business oriented expenses.

  • Accounts Receivable Financing

    Account receivable financing or factoring services can be used to turn your account receivables into immediate liquidity to purchase more equipment, expand personnel, and many other business oriented expenditures.

  • Purchase Order Funding

    Purchased order financing is used when a company receives an order from a company and needs immediate cash to fulfill that order. FactoringInc.com can help with this need of cash to immediately fulfill your need for cash.

  • Mercant Cash Advances

    Merchant cash advances can be used for businesses that need immediate capital to operate their business. FactoringInc.com can provide loans of up to $500,000 based on your pervious month's merchant account statements.

  • Asset Based Loans

    Asset based loans are a type of specialized financing that utilizes an individuals assets to provide short term liquidity. This is ideal to receive a large amount of capital for a short term period.