Biggest Customer Never Pays on Time

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A helpful article was recently published by Swindon Business News in the section Ask an Expert. The piece was titled “Ask the Expert: My biggest customer never pays on time, what can I do?”

The author a few great tips when a customer consistently does not pay on time.

You should chase the payment as soon as it becomes overdue – if you give them 30 days to pay, call them on the 31st day if they still haven’t paid. A telephone call is harder to ignore than an email. It is also a good idea to have someone who does not manage the customer relationship chasing the debts to minimize the risk of damaging it.

It is important to remain professional – going in all guns blazing is unlikely to resolve the situation. Make sure your customer has received your invoice and has no issues with what you have supplied. Now politely – but firmly – ask when you will receive payment.

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